The AI revolution is already here, just not in the shape or form we have been conditioned to believe.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

To start with, let’s address the elephant in the room

Elon Musk’s catchy AI day revelation has turned heads and got many wondering when they can finally get their groceries delivered or their car washed by a robot. And a humanoid robot nonetheless ! Not your average run-of-the-mill line following robots you might have seen in factories and warehouses. If we were to overlook how effective a humanoid robot would actually be or Tesla’s notorious reputation with deadlines, then the answer to that question would be sometime next year.

Now, if you’re thinking about this announcement as the watershed moment…

From a 1:1 scale virtual version of the Earth to having virtual meetings masquerading as a cartoon avatar, the race to deliver immersive, next-gen virtual experiences is on and is charged up with some pretty ambitious claims.

What does your typical morning look like ?

You wake up to find you’re already late for that morning meeting. But no worries, you simply put your headset on and voila! You’re right there in the conference room, you’ve got your Dora the Explorer hat on, ready for the meeting. Half a minute later, your boss walks in, donning a cowboy attire. You have a lively chat, and while waiting for your coworkers, decide to turn the conference table into a comfy sofa to sit on and scroll through the latest news.

I agree, your mornings, and for that matter…

Shahryar Saify

Software engineer by profession and blogger by passion, I’m trying to build meaningful discussions around technology that inspires and empowers.

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